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Sonic Sketches are beautiful, three-panel portraits of the world's greatest songs…transformed into striking works of visual art.


Sonic Sketches

Your favorite songs, quotations, moments, and memories – transformed into striking works of visual art.

Gary Jules – "Mad World"

Gary Jules – "Mad World"

The responsiveness and high level of customer service sets Sonic Sketches apart. You can roll the dice with another seller or you can get a high quality product from a PROFESSIONAL business. Highly recommended.
— Josh L.

The sight of your favorite sounds

A delicate blend of abstraction and precision, Sonic Sketches are compelling, eye-catching testaments to the power of music, the elegance of language…and the dazzling beauty of human expression.

Every nuance –from the first syllable to the final chorus– is captured as a high-resolution audio wave, then rendered as a richly-detailed, full-contrast image.

"I love you." (Spoken)

"I love you." (Spoken)

I ordered this triptych as a Xmas present for my husband (who is notoriously hard to buy gifts for) and he loved it. The prints are of a lovely quality on heavy stock. The three pieces are framed and hang on our living room wall. It’s the first thing guests ask about when they arrive at our home.
— Shawn M.

A style for every space

Each Sonic Sketch is available as a set of three 12” x 12” panels (on 216-gram paper), or as a single, continuous, 24" x 8" print on burnished aluminum.

Mahalia Jackson – "Amazing Grace"

Mahalia Jackson – "Amazing Grace"

Jeff Buckley – "Hallelujah"

Jeff Buckley – "Hallelujah"

I got a Sonic Sketch for my wife and she loves it! I was really happy and impressed, and I’ve already spread the word to my friends (who were a bit envious that I’m such a great husband). You guys made me look good. I appreciate it.
— Travis L.

The bells and whistles

Your Sonic Sketch is designed to be as striking as the sound it displays. Three-panel versions arrive with the presentation and feel of a brand-new vinyl album, including "liner notes" (details and release history of the song itself), a display guide, and a brief explanation of how sound waves work (how something you hear becomes something you can see).

Single-panel Sonic Sketches arrive ready for display, with three float-mount hangers installed. When placed, the image will float 1/2” off the wall, maximizing its visual impact.

I received my Sonic Sketch all the way in Australia.  I love the whole art piece and can’t wait to give it to my husband for our 15th wedding anniversary.
— Kelly K.

Order in two simple steps


Choose from our existing collection or place a custom order – a Sonic Sketch can be made from any song or audio recording. If it’s a song, just tell us the title and performer – we’ll do the rest. If it’s something of your own (a personal message, your child’s first words, your wedding vows, a favorite movie quote), simply upload the sound as an MP3 and we’ll get your Sonic Sketch underway.

2. select A STYLE.

Every Sonic Sketch is available as a three-panel set (three 12” x 12” panels on 216-gram paper), or as a single, polished-aluminum print  (24” x 8” with float-mount hangers).

And that's it – we'll start work on your Sonic Sketch right away!



Every Sonic Sketch is made to order. Most are shipped in 3-5 business days. (Certain custom orders may take an additional 2-3 days for preparation).

Once shipped, most Sonic Sketches are delivered within 72 hours (continental United States; international delivery times vary).

Fleetwood Mac – "Landslide"

Fleetwood Mac – "Landslide"

I have just received my two Sonic Sketches and they are fantastic! One is my daughter’s favorite song, the other is a ballad my wife and I first danced to as a married couple 30 years ago. It’s always held a special place in our lives...and now we can see it as well as hear it.
— Mark G.



Made in Portland, Oregon, USA.